How to Use Content in Order to Sell Medical Device Sales with Andrew McNaughton

Content is the king. That is what we all heard, but not many companies have been able to take advantage of it. Content production is rapidly evolving due to the pandemic with the addition of Zoom panel production.

That is why we decided on doing a podcast regarding how to use content in order to support medical device sales with Andrew McNaughton.

Reaching Out to Doctors and Medical Professionals with Remote Content

Sales are always about lead generation and finding the best ways to get more money for your business. That is what Contentz LLC aims to achieve through the various services we offer. With the focus shifting towards remote content, salespersons need to have an agile approach towards doctors.

And that is what Andrew also addressed when we asked him about his approach to marketing, considering the ever-changing situation due to the pandemic.

He said, “Anything that drives engagement on a mobile platform can be great content” and pointed out how the majority of their market tactics revolve around targeting customers through mobile phones.

The traditional ways of contacting the customers entailed using in-person meetings. But ever since the pandemic struck, it has changed everything for businesses. Andrew further added to this point that they utilize Zoom and various other content creations.

With social media becoming an integral part of our lives, it can play a critical role in targeting doctors and medical professionals through remote content.

Podcasts and Zoom Panels Help in Creating Credibility and Engaging Doctors.

Creating credibility is one of the most important parts for any business to sustain. It is something Andrew lays a special emphasis on regarding using the right marketing ways to address the pain points and providing solutions for those problems. It usually entails asking questions such as:

  • What are the pain points that the doctors experience?
  • How can our solutions help them?
  • What role can our products and services play in streamlining the patient engagement process?

These questions revolve around building credibility, particularly for businesses in the medical devices field. Here is what you can do to have robust credibility and engage doctors.

  • Email Marketing: Andrew focuses on using email marketing, such as G Suite, for reaching out to the target audience in the wake of the pandemic.
  • Podcast: One of the best ways to explore and reach your target audience by providing valuable information is through podcasts. You can know more about how podcasts can help you at the Contentz remote studio.
  • Zoom panel production: Another great way to reach out to the target audience, whether you are targeting doctors, medical professionals, or anyone else, is through Zoom panel production. You can use it to offer great insights to your target audience through robust platforms.

Using Email and Text for Distributing the Podcasts, Zoom Panels, and Even Interviews

Email marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the books for marketers to find and lure their target audience. So why not harness its complete power by combining it with the new marketing strategies? Andrew tells how direct email engagement is working well to initiate some early conversations.

Reading a good piece of information can be helpful as it can enhance your knowledge and let you know about numerous new things. Here is how you can email for distributing valuable information available on your podcasts, zoom panels, and even interviews.

  • Send it out to reach the customer audience
  • Address and provide solutions for the pain points
  • Promote your brand through it

Andrew and his team rely on offline channels to reach doctors and medical professionals for stimulating conversations around patient engagement. And one of the primary ways they do it is by getting their message out to their customers through emails and texts.

When asked about finding new customers, he said “We’re using the email reach initially; I’m using some pretty basic tools, to be honest. We’re a very small launch company. I’m using G Suite addressing pain points, as I mentioned with our solutions, with our product, the digital knee”.

About Interview

When we talk about the medical industry, content has been the driving force to educate people and tell them more about the devices. With years of experience in the industry, Andrew gave away valuable insight about creating credibility and helping engage doctors. We discussed many things with him to give professionals better ideas for using content to sell medical devices.

Andrew McNaughton is the US Sales Director for OPUM technologies. His company offers medical devices, which automate musculoskeletal care with an AI-based wearable platform. The podcast explores different avenues to reach medical professionals and doctors.


Content is the most imperative part for any organization to grow its business. It is a vital investment that helps you reap numerous benefits throughout the long and the short run. So, now is the time for you to go out and engage the target audience through your words!

One of the most vital elements is to create credibility by getting experts by your side. Regular Zoom panel production can give you an advantage with your content creation strategy to help you grow.

If you need help with content creation, Contentz is here to assist you.

How to Break into Medical Device Sales By Selling Remotely

Whether you are fresh out of college or looking for a career change, a Medical Sales position may be a good fit for you. Medical sales positions offer a lucrative career for the right person. A sales role is not the right fit for everyone.

You have to be good at cutting through the grind to get in front of the decision-makers. Now, each organization is different in how they structure their sales department. Some companies provide you leads, and for other organizations, you are responsible for finding your leads.

Ideally, sales professionals should be comfortable making cold calls, meaning connecting with people that have no idea who you are or what services you represent. Cold leads are by far the leads that the most seasoned sales representative avoids.

Contentz caught up with Samuel Adeyinka from Evolve Your Success and discussed how medical sales representatives could sell under the pandemic strictness. Samuel is a seasoned Career Coach in the Medical Industry, and we were fortunate to hear from him on selling remotely. Content helps sellers reach contacts and make an impact in this day and age. Leverage content in medical device sales to get the attention of busy doctors.

Click here to listen to Samuel’s interview.

Building Brand

Define your specialty. The stronger you align your professional goals with your objectives, the more passionate you are, which will help you to stand out in your interview.

  • What area of medical sales do you want to pursue?
  • Why did you choose this area of expertise?
  • What value can you offer this field?
  • What inspires you in this industry?

Answering these questions will help you define your career path and will aid you in drafting your elevator pitch.

First, let’s craft your brand messaging. Check out this article from HubSpot – 12 Examples of Positioning Statements & How to Craft Your Own. While this article was written for organizations, you can apply it to your personal needs. For example, answering the following items will clarify your proposition statement.

  • Who you serve
  • What value do you offer
  • How do you position your offer
  • Why you’re in business
  • What makes you different from the competition

So by now, you have a pretty good idea of what medical field you want to be a part of and why it moves you. We need to continue to drill deeper to stand out in interviews and online. Let’s get into your story.

Communicating A Strong Story

Take the answers to the nine questions above, and let’s start to sort through them. We need a beginning, a middle, and an ending. The beginning – focus on how it all began.

  • What drove you or inspired you early on to pursue ____?
  • What hurdles did you overcome, and
  • Where did that take you?

The middle is where you are at today.

  • Why are you looking for something different?
  • What changes moved you in this direction?
  • Begin to touch on what makes you different.

The ending is your next step, not necessarily the end of your career. The ending is where you are headed next.

  • What goal do you want to achieve next?
  • Why do you want to achieve it?
  • Focus on why your next employer would be fortunate to have you.

It is easier to have too much content than not enough when writing any document. Now that you have all these answers down on paper, you can begin to dice and slice it to a more concise message. Remember, the elevator pitch is named this for a reason – it should be brief, inspiring, and leave your audience wanting more.

Schedule a consultation with Contentz, and let’s figure out the best way to highlight your story.

Standout Interview Skills

Establish your resume. There are many valuable articles on this matter. Here is a couple that you may find helpful:

  • Medical resume building source 1
  • Medical resume building source 2
  • Medical resume building source 3

Find a coach to help guide you through the medical sales professional job search – connect with Samuel Adeyinka on LinkedIn, and his company Evolve Your Success.

Building A Powerful Network

Create your LinkedIn Profile. Identify other medical sales professionals on LinkedIn and view their profiles for ideas. Evaluate their engagement and see what’s working. Make notes and modify your profile accordingly.

Build your LinkedIn network. Stay engaged with your network – Like, Comment, and Share your Network’s posts on a routine basis. Generate your content to establish and build your own brand identity.

Make Your Case

Sell yourself to the interviewer or recruiter! You have to show them you are the right person for the job.

“It is not about bragging about yourself. Rather about making the case that you’re a good fit, if not the best fit for this position that you desire. So you got to make that case. You got to sell the interview or the recruiter. …This is what I believe I can do. This is why I do the things I do, and this is how I do the things I do.” ~ Samuel Adeyinka

You have to make someone believe that you are the right fit for them. It starts with confidence. Practice it in front of a mirror; practice it in front of your neighbor or spouse. You have to make sure you are comfortable with your pitch so it is fluid and will resonate with confidence.