by Boomer Elmsdale

How to Sell Sponsorships and Integrate Partners in Podcasts and Video Shows

Sponsorship is an exciting and necessary part of operating a media product, as it brings in revenue and can help with distribution as well.  Sponsorship supports many podcast and video shows as the sole revenue source. Other shows choose not to...

by Boomer Elmsdale

Analytics, Reporting and Conversion for Podcasts and Videos

The digital age is a beast.  If you produce content, there are unlimited inputs and outputs, platforms to consider and comments that can make you want to rethink your strategy entirely. Information is everywhere. On one hand, it is raw and...

by Boomer Elmsdale

Distribution – Promoting Your Show and Content Online On a Budget

Leave no stone unturned - it’s distribution time. That means the work begins after production. Media Distribution refers to and means methods, by any means, for the publication, transmission, dissemination, distribution and/or delivery of Marketing Media, including podcasts, videos articles, memes...

by Boomer Elmsdale

Editing and Post Production for Videos and Podcasts

Editing is the final process around producing your show. After editing you are ready to promote your content. Editing consists of taking the video and audio footage and bringing it together in a cohesive package that makes sense. During the capture...

by Boomer Elmsdale

How to Setup Audio For Your Video or Podcast

There is a saying in podcasting that goes: the way you use the equipment is more important than the equipment itself. In other words, it’s not necessarily about what type of microphone you have, but it is more about how...

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