How Medical Websites Work

Employ Medical Marketing Best Practices to Grow Your Office

Grow Patient Population


Marketing attracts new patients by showcasing your skills and specialties.

Optimize ROI


ROI improves with marketing investment thanks to automation and content.

Nurture Active Patients


Offer value to past patients with expert content and care.

Professional Medical Website Design

Dr. Ravi generates search results with educational
articles and helpful tips for patients


Best Practices

  • Bold, SEO friendly headline
  • Concise introduction
  • Friendly, professional image

Why Procedure Webinars ?



collect prospect data


Always On

sell around the clock



Set up next steps for prospect



something to point to for potential customers

Improve Patient Communications

Branded Episodes

Docs Dial brands procedure webinars for doctors, offering a fantastic, end to end patient experience. Questions are answered. Facts are communicated. And your office is in constant contact with webinar guests.

Next Steps – UpSell

Patients need guidance. Docs Dial webinars are designed to help patients learn about procedures and know exactly what to do next given their specific needs. Docs Dial webinars connect directly with your website to assist patients with scheduling.

Automated Communication

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. In line with the Docs Dial mission to improve patient communications, follow up communications are scheduled and executed without your staff wasting energy. It happens automatically, post webinar.

Quality Medical Webpage


Showcase Skills & Services

A professional website is the best place to start. Include pertinent information about services and how to contact.


Start a Blog

The most important aspect of a website, however, is offten the blog. Using SEO best practices, medical doctors can get onto the front page of Google fast. Dr. Ravi Ramachandran says it took him just two months to reach the front page after creating his website blogs.

Use Your Medical Website to Improve Patient Communications

Patient Complaints


Customer Service


Quality of Clinical Care

Legal Ramifications

What if you say
something wrong?

Limited Time

There is never enough time to satisfy a patient’s concerns

Technical Language

Patients don’t understand what you are saying


Hire a professional to handle your marketing strategy.