An Enterprise-Grade SMS Text Messaging Platform

More Features. Half the Price.

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500 messages


$3.75 $25/mo

1000 messages



2500 messages



40,000 messages



Campaign / message

  1. Create message
  2. Save message
  3. Send message
  4. Schedule date


  1. Create contact
  2. Upload contacts
  3. Update /edit contacts
  4. Sort contacts
  5. Group contacts
  6. Delete contacts


  1. View campaigns
  2. Export results (pdf, csv)
  3. Client: $80k sales campaign
  4. Results can click through to unit (Ie contact)

Account setup

  1. Select plan (free, 500,1000,2500,>2500-call staff)
  2. Select phone number. Buy number for $5/mo.
  3. First name, last name, company, industry, avg deal value, growth targets (revenue /orders), email, phone
  4. Help docs: how to plan text campaigns, how to measure roi from text campaigns, how to

Free plan

  • Use our number
  • Send up to 25 messages free, using our number.

Tolerance for free plan

  • Assume we close 1 out of 100. Profit on one is $20.
  • How many messages does $20 cover = >2500. Offer 25 free messages.