Set up a Multimedia Studio at Home or Work

Buy Studio Equipment
Create Professional Looking Content

There is no excuse for bad lighting on Zoom anymore! Content is king and creating content is frankly more and more necessary every day that passes. Contentz Studios provides simple studio equipment that is easy to operate.

If you have a job, you need a cheap way to post great content to stand out. In post pandemic life, people go to YouTube for information and they are comfortable communicating remotely. Looking respectable on camera is the new hygiene for post pandemic workers.

Simple and Durable Choices for Lightning Studios at Home

Hollywood spends millions of dollars on cameras, lighting, furniture and props. Good news - you don’t have to! Contentz Studios supports simple, cost effective studio solutions that feature equipment that doesn’t break the bank, and simultaneously gives your content creations the quality it deserves to make you look great.

GoPro, Shure Audio systems, and Tascam mixing boards make for simple setups that capture quality and are easy to configure.