Step 1: Set Design, Equipment Setup and Pre-Production at In Person Studio

Boomer Elmsdale

Thanks for booking studio time! The bottom line is that we provide equipment that you are free to use safely as you see fit. The major requirement is that you put it back like you found it. With that said, the creative process and creative visions are different for everyone. We have included some recommendations in these instructions, but we do not wish to limit your creativity. 

Watch these 5 videos to know what to do when you get to the studio!

Contentz provides remote and flexible in person studio support. The spaces are great for creating quality content on the go. Facilities include audio, video, lighting and flexible set designs that can be customized in minutes to help your brand produce content such as podcasts and video for social media.

Part 1: Set Design – Background and Furniture Design

The set design defines the tone of your production. Contentz studios include one or two background walls that are designed as brick backgrounds. These walls are customized with hanging canvas backdrops that help establish the tone in your production. Black, Green and other options are available. If you want to adjust the background, please follow the instructions below.

How to adjust your background:

  • If you want to change the backgrounds, pull out the step ladder.
  • Remove the clips, starting at the bottom and moving to the top.
    • Adjust the height of the poles on either side of the background if you cannot teach the top with the step ladder.
  • Gently drop the canvas without tearing it.
    • Fold the background in halves repeatedly until it is about 12 inches x 12 inches and place it to the side so it is not damaged. If you are not using all of the chairs, that is a good place to put it.
  • Green screen and black back drop options are already hung behind the brick backgrounds. If you want a green screen or black backgrounds, simply pull down the cover brick backgrounds and you are ready to go.

How to Hang Your Background

  • Choose your background and hang it using 5 clips provided in the studio for each wall. 
  • Three clips will be used on the top bar – one on each side and one in the middle
  • One clip will be used on each side to pull out any wrinkles on the background.
  • Make sure that the top is aligned horizontally and level. If it is not level and centered, shadows can be seen on the background material in your video production.

2 – Seating & Furniture

After the background is selected, decide how you can feature all of your guests.  Contentz studios can easily support 1-4 guests.  Depending on how many guests you plan to feature, you will adjust the furniture and camera accordingly.

How to Adjust the Furniture

  • Backdrop flexibility – the set is designed for two walls or one wall to be set as the focal point for your camera. Choose whether you want to feature one or two walls in your shot.
    • If you want one wall, then plan to position seating centered on the wall design you prefer, which will likely mean either the chairs or the couch, but not likely both.
    • If you want two walls, which will include the corner, where the walls meet, then plan to use two sets of seating, i.e. the chairs and the couch.
  • Guest seating Flexibility: 
    • Standard Setup options for 1-2 guests
      • Sit both guests at the round table or sit one guest at the round table and one guest on the couch.
    • Standard Setup options for 3-4 guests
      • Sit all four guests at round table
      • Sit 2 guests at round table and two on couch
      • Sit 3 guests at round table and one on couch

Again, the information about set design is offered more to suggest ideas, than it is to restrict you from trying different things. Enjoy the process and hopefully these suggestions help save you some time.  The only requirement is that you return the items to the position you found them in.