Set Design – Choose the Look and Feel of Your Show

Boomer Elmsdale

Set design can help create ambiance for your production and it will support the style of your production.

For example, some shows take place in a laid back, more conversational tone, where guests and hosts sit on couches, perhaps in street clothes.  Other shows set the tone with a news desk type of look/feel, with two characters facing each other and looking eye to eye.

There are three popular styles of set design supported by Contentz. If you require a different set design, you are free to bring in your own props.

Casual Talk Show (Couches)

  • 2 couches
  • Floor lamps
  • Lapel microphones
  • Background
    • Green screen or dark shades
    • Signage: TV

News Desk (2 Chairs)

  • 2-4 chairs
  • News Panel
  • Green screen
  • Microphone stand on desk

Informal Studio Look (4-up Table)

  • Table – up to 4 people
  • Mounted Microphone extensions affixed to edge
  • Chairs not visible in camera angles
  • TV in background