What is a BOM and why is it important in PCB manufacturing?

  • A PCB manufacturing order starts with a complete BOM, or Bill of Materials. This is an overview of how to create one that saves time and errors.
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  • https://resources.altium.com/p/what-is-a-bom-in-pcb-design#:~:text=The%20%E2%80%9CBill%20of%20Materials%E2%80%9D%2C,generated%20from%20PCB%20design%20software.https://www.pcbway.com/blog/PCB_Assembly/How_to_Build_a_BOM__Bill_Of_Materials_.htmlhttps://www.vse.com/blog/2020/03/12/the-pcb-bill-of-materials-and-parts-list-is-there-a-difference/
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