How to Attract Audience Prior to Launch

Boomer Elmsdale

Launching a show gives you a reason to tell the world about what you are working on. Shout it from the rooftops, as they say.

The power of the announcement is major.  Consider doing all of the things you have heard about , or perhaps done in the past for your products and services, such as press releases, outreach to partners, marketing to your existing customers and certainly posting all about it on your social profiles.

Try to carve out at least a month, prior to launch so you can get a couple messages out each week about what people can expect.  Follow the simple process below.

Process to Launch

  • Announce show on social, email, and via partners
  • Send reminder about launch via social, email and partners
  • Send last chance reminder about launch via social, email and partners
  • Send launch message with link to content
  • Follow up and say thanks for launch

Creating Launch Messaging for Your Target Audience

Remember the treatment you wrote?  Pull the target audience messaging that you created earlier in the process and dust it off.

Build another list (just like you did for guests).  Develop another value proposition, just like you did for guests.  The only difference is that this exercise is about your target audience (i.e. listeners / watchers).  

Design assets – the look and feel of your show

Revisit the show planning position of your show development process. You likely already created a look and feel for your show.  Now, use the messaging from the section above to customize those materials and load them into your email, CRM and/or social tools.

To Do List for Launch Messaging

  • Draft intro message for email, LinkedIn and Voice
  • Build a list of target viewers
  • Email, Call, text
  • Post on Social Media
  • Integrate on your website
  • Push messages anywhere that potential viewers spend time
  • Request partners to do the same, including the guest speaker.