We Develop Your Brand Story

Boomer Elmsdale

Develop your brand story to get more customers. The brand story starts like this:

Who am I? The parent (existentialist) in me asks this once a day. The marketer in me wrote it down and never looked back.

Your brand story is critical. It is how you will position your service and value forever, unless you want to change it.

While debated among men tougher and richer than I, it turns out that you should truly be able to explain yourself, purpose and value in a short couple of phrases – let’s say three to five sentences.

You should be ready to tell it – the simple, easy to explain and easy to understand version at a moment’s notice.

Here is an example: I am a former sports reporter. 10 years ago, married with (4) kids, I needed to make more money. Contacts had asked me to write projects on their behalf. I realized that I could support my family quicker and more efficiently by starting a business writing for other people, than I could working for a company. My experience as a father and writer has enabled me to specialize in community marketing. And it is my passion. The best things come from community.

Now – I am going to leave out some of the more difficult to understand details. For example: one boss may recall firing me for poor performance. I tried to make it work with several startups. I had a failed startup of my own. My kids real father is a deadbeat. I have emotional problems and issues with focus. Sometimes I find myself eating string cheese after dinner and desert and I notice the Cheez-its. My wife…

You get the point. Nobody needs to hear all that. To be a successful marketer, we need to simplify the complex in short terms and communicate the message we want to leave our audience with.

My message is this: I know my subject matter and I am an expert writer and content generator.

What is your story?

Examples of how to develop a brand story


Quick questions to develop your own brand story:


  1. What is your job?
  2. How do you know you are good at it?
  3. How did you get started?
  4. What is the highlight of your career so far?
  5. Which event has been the low point of your career so far?
  6. Who are the customers that you target? How old are they? Where do they live? What type of jobs do they have
  7. Why should these customers work with you and not somebody else in your profession?