We Post & Promote Your Messages

Boomer Elmsdale

Do you see the kid pushing? That is us pushing your message onto the correct social media platform at the correct time.

Social media is where your customers go for entertainment every day. Each social media outlet has its own specialty and subset of users.

YouTube is fantastic for long form media. If you have a complicated, and detailed message to deliver, YouTube viewers are there to consume it all. You can successfully explain every detail of your product, without alienating yourself from YouTube users. This is useful for explaining processes and delivering customer testimonials as well.

Instagram is suited for image highlights. Capture your brand with an image that represents a message. Or, use it to share a special achievement about your business. Instagram is not suited for oversharing, or multiple posts in a day. Instagram recently launched a stories feature, but it is generally used by older users.

Snapchat is the primary place to reach a younger audience. Snapchat’s stories format is extremely popular among the teen audience. Fun photo filters also set the product apart. It is not suited for long brand messages. Use Snapchat to reveal consecutive actions around your brand, or use it to reveal details of your personal life. Behind the scenes footage is great!

Twitter is just like it feels. Loud and to the point. Feel free to post often. With the short format, you will not offend users by posting too much. Twitter is also a great place to test before posting to other mediums.

Facebook is a hybrid of the other formats, where you should be methodical about the content you post. Facebook ads make Facebook one of the best places to acquire new audience and promote posts because you can control viewership with ad spend.

E-mail marketing is perhaps the most potent medium to perform business transactions. It is the lifeblood of your organization. If a customer wants to purchase, they typically have committed to your email list already and trust that you offer value.