We Position & Package Your Content

Boomer Elmsdale

Do you yell in client meetings?

At some point, you learned enough about your environment that you have a general sense for the correct behavior in social settings. Sure, we all slip up, and catch ourselves laughing nervously or frowning when we don’t mean it. But, in general, you know when to keep quiet and when to shout it from the mountain tops.

Positioning content is just like learning to control the inflection of your voice. How many posts communicate the right tone on Facebook? Can I say more on Twitter? What the heck is a Snapchat Story?

Positioning & packaging content takes a fine touch. The goal is to paint your brand in a valuable and likable light. Saying too much can ruin this. Saying it in the wrong forum is a disaster. Saying nothing at all is a loser’s game.

Questions to help position your brand:

  1. What is your brand story?
  2. What messages do you want to communicate about your brand?
  3. What messages do you want to communicate about your products?
  4. When should these messages go out to the public?
  5. How many times can your target customers hear the same message?
  6. Where are your customers now?
  7. Do you customers go other places?
  8. How do your competitors answer the questions above?