We Develop Your Monthly Social Media Calendar

Boomer Elmsdale

Everybody knows that posting on social media is important. But when do you post – and more importantly, WHAT DO YOU SAY?

The short answers is that it should be 1) valuable and 2) it should re-infoce your brand, or align with your brand story.

What is a social media calendar?

Elements are platform, message, resources, content, proofing process and date of release.

What makes it good?

Continuity between brand and message.

How do you tell if it is good?

Does it move the needle for your business? Do the metrics move? What are you counting?

Third – the quality of the content is good.

Good social media marketers are able to create content that appeals to an audience. They are like mini movie directors. They make a project and the public responds.

In brand marketing, the ability to ecreate entertaining content is nice but not required to reach your goals. In social media environments, the